Why register with a mutual health fund?

If you’re a resident in Belgium, registering with a health fund is mandatory. When you reach the age of 25, when you start working, or when you are registered as unemployed or with a CPAS (Public Social Action Centre), you have the obligation to register.

Thanks to this affiliation, the mutual health fund:

  • advises you on a daily basis on healthcare issues,
  • reimburses health benefits,
  • pays benefits for work disability, as well as for maternity and paternity leave,
  • offers you benefits and services to meet your needs.

What’s a "Kit Mutuelle" from La Mutualité Neutre?

Kit Mutuelle = Mandatory Insurance + Complementary Insurance

La Mutualité Neutre will accompany you and your family in all the events of your life thanks to your Kit Mutuelle (€9.50/month per holder and free for dependents), which thus includes your basic insurance coverage that comprises the mandatory insurance and the complementary insurance.

Mandatory insurance

  • Reimburses healthcare acts as well as pharmaceuticals. The reimbursement of the mutual health fund varies according to your status (BIM or MàF) and that of the healthcare provider (registered, semi-registered, or with freely-set fees).
  • In addition, the mutual health fund pays benefits for work disability as well as for maternity and paternity leave.

Complementary insurance

On top of the reimbursement for acts and the benefits provided for by law, La Mutualité Neutre proposes complementary protection for cases not covered by mandatory insurance (governed by the INAMI). This is called complementary insurance.

Below you will find all the benefits and services we offer :

La Mutualité Neutre's advantages and services

You can also do a specific search for an advantage or a service by clicking on our “Avantages” tab.

Your Mutualité Neutre benefits and services are reviewed annually according to your needs.


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